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Paramount Exclusive Insurance Services, Inc.: Insurance leaders developing solutions for the growing world

Paramount's Roots

Paramount Exclusive Insurance Services, Inc. (Paramount) came about from the vision of its President, Shawn Kohen, whose goal was to have a full-service insurance agency that provides excellence with a commitment to quality. Since 2008, Paramount has grown into a well-known and respected insurance provider of workers' compensation, general liability, commercial auto and more. Paramount's headquarters is located in Encino, California, in addition to a second location in Fresno, totaling 90 employees' company wide.

Paramount wants Farm Bureau members to know...

California's agriculture industry contributes to the health, wealth and growth of our Golden State more than the average population of people would care to emphasize and understand. At Paramount, team members understand the heart of the agriculture community and focus on helping them cultivate their business for exponential growth and success.

Paramount's Agricomp Program offers rates, unavailable to other brokers, through their partnership with Benchmark, the leading agriculture market in insurance today. Not only will the Agricomp Program offer exclusive rates, but coupled with Paramount's global in-house service, claims, and loss control teams, they will help create strong and trusting relationships with clients and their insuring carriers.

To learn more about the Agricomp Program, visit

Paramount's promise to excellence...

Paramount has engineered their California insurance agency to be a one-stop-shop of protection experts. Carrying extensive knowledge of business and personal lines, they service clients no matter how varied their needs may be. Their agents and claims experts spend time with each client to properly assess and determine their insurance, risk management and business mission.

In the insurance business the claims department is often the place where a company truly distinguishes itself from its competitors. Claims? Risk Management? On-going safety seminars? Paramount offers all the necessary tools for their clients to create and maintain a healthy working environment for themselves and their employees. Paramount has formulated their departments specifically to target issues that have affected any and all lines of business. They are one of the few insurance brokerages that can not only provide a competitive market but one on one claims handling, loss control, and risk management.

In addition, their in-house Loss Control/ Risk Management department provides any necessary safety and loss control information that clients may require, from assisting with injury and illness prevention plans, to simply providing easy access to relevant documentation and safety trainings. Safety trainings include sexual harassment, heat illness, first aid, CPR training, along with others. Paramount has also created a team of claims specialists. As a Paramount client, your claims manager will be monitoring your experience modification score, lowering claims reserves, and providing you with access to an HR Legal Hotline.

The agents at Paramount step up for their clients consistently, going to bat for them with adjusters and carriers, making sure they receive the very best results possible. That's the Paramount way.

For more information, contact Paramount Exclusive Insurance Services, Inc. at 559-500-1001 or visit

August 2019