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Dan Errotabere

For people who know Dan Errotabere, they probably know that he is a diversified farmer in the Riverdale area; a member of numerous boards; or a go-to person on agricultural water issues.

The family has been farming since the late 1920s in the Riverdale area. Daniel Errotabere and his brothers, Jean and Remi, took over the ranch from their father in 1979. Today, they farm over 5,500 acres throughout west Fresno County, including: almonds, pistachios, processing tomatoes, garlic, pima cotton, alfalfa, wheat, safflower, processing onions, seed lettuce, garbanzo beans and wine grapes.

Errotabere enjoys the intricacies involved with farming. "I enjoy the independency of our decisions and the lifestyle," he said. "There is such variability to your daily routine." He mentioned that he goes through a different process everyday, depending on the needs of the operation.

Errotabere brings experience with water issues to the Board

"Water is such a key element to farming," Errotabere said. "It is the beginning of the farming process. The amount of water that is available will determine what crops you plant for that given year."

Through this planning, Errotabere's knowledge of water has evolved over time. As a result, he has served on the Westlands Water District Board, California Cotton Growers Association Board, Farm Water Coalition Board, Family Farm Alliance Board, Crescent Canal Board and the San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority. "I enjoy being involved with issues that affect the farming community," he said.

Since 1994, Errotabere has served on the FCFB Board of Directors. He was the president from 2008-10.

"It has been interesting gaining Farm Bureau's perspective on the world," Errotabere said. "The county has many crops and issues behind it. I have learned a lot about the other commodities from both a county and state perspective."

Errotabere has been an incredible spokesperson for Farm Bureau on local water issues. In his work with the media, he has proven to be very articulate and knowledgeable of the entire farming community.

In addition to Errotabere's involvement with FCFB and water boards, he is a graduate of the California Ag Leadership Program, Class XXI; and a board member of both the Ag One Foundation (scholarships) and the Ag Foundation Board (school farm) for California State University, Fresno.

More about Errotabere

Errotabere was born in Fresno and graduated from Riverdale High School in 1973. While helping run the family farm, he went to school and graduated in 1985 from Fresno State with his bachelor's degree in agricultural business.

Errotabere lives in northwest Fresno and takes the 40-minute commute to the farm in Riverdale everyday. He and his wife, Susan, have two children, son Ryan and daughter Marisa.


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By: John Migliazzo